Are you thinking about getting into FPV flying, but not really sure if this is something for you? In this video, I will take a closer look at the properly the cheapest FPV beginner kit on the market. Getting into FPV can be pretty expensive where you have to invest in a quad, a remote and some goggles.

What if you just wanted to see if this was something for you, is there a cheaper solution? Yes, the Eachine Small Pepper FPV kit. This is a complete budget FPV kit with everything you need for around 100 USD to get started FPV racing.

Buy the Eachine Small Pepper fpv kit

The small pepper is a tiny whoop style quad where the props are protected by ducts. The 6-axis flight controller is pre-programmed and has 3 different speed modes. This means it can not be programmed like the more expensive models. The Eachine FPV has a 1000TVL camera, real-time transmission of high-definition video. The camera transmits at 5.8Ghz on one of 40 channels with 25 mW. Don’t expect massive range I will guess around 40-60m before the signal breaks up. This will allow you to hook up any set of FPV goggles that support this frequency. The Eachine small pepper is super light 25gr with battery and I would expect the duct to flex on impact. The battery powering this FPV starter kit is 1S – 200mah – should last 3-4 min.

The remote is a typical X-box budget style. It’s a mode 2 where the throttle is on the left. It has nice metal knobs on top of the sticks that helps control. Let have a quick run through the important Speed H/M/L, Flip 360 degree, the Headless mode where the drone body stays in the same position. Return to home button, where does that go without GPS … To China? The remaining buttons on the remote are trims

The goggles are pretty tiny and very light only 200g. It has build in LIPO battery that can be charged through the micro USB port. The picture is ratio 4:3 in 500*300 pixels. The goggles do not record video on an SD card slot, so any flight footage needs to be recorded in another way.

Flying the Eachine small pepper FPV kit was super fun I must say, and it’s super easy to fly. It’s gotta be one of the best beginner drones. I do not have much experience with FPV so this was definitely an eye-opener for me. With winter coming here, this would definitely provide some quality indoor fun with this FPV starter kit. You better get more than one battery. It would properly be a good idea to invest in a handful of those and a charger that can charge them all at once.

On the downside, I did have a problem the goggles where the image is not 100% clear when I wear them, but this is probably my eyesight. Even if it’s super easy to fly indoor, I did manage to break one of the ducts on the first flight with a hard-on collision. It’s still flying with some tape to hold it together. But hey, this is part of the game. You might consider replacing the antenna on the goggles, with an omnidirectional for an optimal reception.

The small pepper is definitely worth the money, this kit packs a tremendous amount of value and a funny introduction to It has my highest recommendation and if you want to pick up a kit I have included a link in the description below.

Buy the Eachine Small Pepper FPV kit

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