When Mavic 2 Pro was announced, the expectations were through the roof. But let’s be honest, the honeymoon is over, and the reality is somewhere different. To me, it seems DJI rushed the product to the market and made some serious compromises that they might, or might not be able to fix going forward. Should you buy the Mavic 2 Pro? Postpone your decision until you know the ten things where DJI failed to meet my expectations

Before we start, let me point out, this is not a rant towards DJI, but I feel that the issues need to be surfaced for you to make an informed decision before you buy it. So let’s get started with the least severe issue first.

10. No precision landing.

It goes beyond me to understand why the most advanced consumer drone on the market does not have a precision landing. When I tested it, it was off by several meters, even the original Mavic Pro had this feature, and did it quite well. I normally use a return to home to bring my drone back. Yes, I’m kind of lazy on that point, but when it’s descending I cancel the return to home, and hand catches it. But without precision landing, the whole procedure is a lot more uncertain, especially if you are close to something. Hope the bottom sensors will bail you out of that case, and I would expect DJI to add precision landing in a firmware update in the near future.

9. Gimbal motor not strong enough.

I have a few times, experienced that the gimbal motor is not strong enough to keep the camera in position. If you back away from an object at high velocity and stops, the camera can be knocked out of position. It does not seem to be consistent, but it happened to me a few times. It does not prevent you from recording, as you can just reposition the camera, but it’s still super annoying.

8. Default colors on the standard profile.

Color profiles are way too saturated, and they look in general a bit weird to me. The green looks too green and looks very oversaturated. But in general, I think that the color profiles’ default out of the Mavic Air looks way better. You can compensate for that by turning down the saturation under the style menu. It would be nice if DJI added a few more non-log color profiles to choose from.

7. The filter mounting system. With a bigger camera, comes bigger filters.

It can be a fiddly business to mount and dismount the filters on the Mavic 2 Pro, especially when the filters are new. I found myself using more force to unscrew the filters, than I felt comfortable with, and I was afraid of breaking the camera or gimbal. Once they are mounted, they feel pretty secure, and with the variable aperture, you don’t need to change the filters very often. That’s something that you have to do very often with the fixed focal length, drones like the Mavic Air and the original Mavic Pro. To be honest, I like the thread solution of the Mavic Air and the Phantom 4 Pro, a lot better.

6. Side sensors are not active during normal flight.

The side sensors of the Mavic 2 Pro are only active during the intelligent flight modes, and that’s a shame, and I really don’t know why DJI decided to turn them off. There must be a technical limitation that made DJI make that decision because if it’s only to preserve flight time, it should be up to the user to decide. There are already numerous reports about users that have crashed their expensive toys because they forgot that the side sensors were not active under normal flight. User error will most say, but I will argue it’s for security because this was one of the big selling points with the Mavic 2 Pro when it was announced that you got two 360 omnidirectional obstacle avoids. I guess they forgot to say not all the time.

If you want to know the remaining 5 issues, watch the video below:

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