Today we are talking about drone footage hacks you can apply instantly to improve your footage. I’ll try and keep it short and sweet, so let see if we can do 8 drone footage hacks in 4 min. These Drone video tips are all designed around DJI drones, like the best drone DJI Mavic Pro and Phantom but the principles apply to other brands as well to improve drone footage.

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Drone footage included is kindly provided by my good youtube friend Sean Ozz. I highly encourage you to check out his channel below as he is providing some really quality content from drone paradise Dillon Colorado he surely knows these best drone video tips.


8 Drone Footage HACKS in 4 min

Tip 8:

Don’t use auto mode, only use manual mode for the camera setting. Switch your drone into manual and fix your iso to 100 and set your white balance to the appropriate weather type.

Tip 7:

Only use flat color profiles like D-Cinelike or D-log formats. This will preserve the maximum dynamic range in your footage. In other words, keep all the details. You can apply color correction or LUT’s in post-production. Don’t rely on the camera to make those decisions for you

Tip 6:

Shoot in 4K if possible, even it’s not really not needed, but if this is the native camera resolution you will get the best possible quality. 4K offer many advantages + you can scale it down to 1080p in post-production. 4K you can crop without loss of quality to 1080p.

Tip 5:

Movies are shoot 24fps with a few exceptions. Shoot with this 24 or 25 fps to generate a cinematic look. These framerate generates a decent amount of motion blur to generate that familiar look that is pleasant to the eye. Getting the right amount of motion blur requires the shutter speed to be kept at double the framerate.


Think about your composition when shooting. Use the rule of 3rd to make your footage look more interesting. Obeying the rule of 3rd, your primary subject should be shifted to either sides or top/bottom. The rule of 3rd is not a law, but will definitely help the look of your footage.

– Rule of 3rd –


When recording, try to keep it to the 3S: Slow, Smooth and Simple. Keeping it simple, with only one direction without correction will often produce a more convincing result. If you are not happy with the result, repeat it again until you get it right. You can combine it with a soft gimbal tilt if you wanna go more advanced.


The worst condition for filming in bright sunlight. This will make your shutter speed very fast, especially on drones with no aperture to control the amount of light entering the camera. High shutter speed does not only reduce the motion blur but could also make your footage look stuttering or jerky because even the slightest vibration or movement is captured by the camera. Use the sun to your advantage and keep it behind or on the side of the drone, and use it in your favor as a big light source from behind.


The right lighting is so important for a great result. That’s why you should plan your shooting during the first and last hour of the day. This is by the professionals called the golden hour, because of the soft light and the long shadows.


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